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4 Themes and Themed Cake Ideas for your Child’s Birthday Party

Looking for new ways to celebrate the birthday of one’s child is what every parent does. No one wants their child to be bored of the same type of birthday party every year. With themed birthday parties, you can astonish your child as to how different a birthday party can be, and have fun. But regardless of the theme, a birthday will always be dull if it does not have a birthday cake. So, here are few theme ideas and theme cakes to go along with them, for your child’s next birthday party:

Theme: Cartoon heroes; Theme Cake: Doraemon

Children love watching cartoons. It makes them laugh and they can watch it for hours. And so, children have a lot of cartoon heroes which they look up to. One of the cartoon heroes that children look up to these days is Doraeman. He’s the problem-solver in Nobita’s life and helps him with gadgets to get him out of various troubles. Decorate the house with different Doraemon-related items, including some of his gadgets, and have a special Doraemon cake for your child and his/her friends to make it even more special.

Theme: Music; Theme Cake: Guitar

Cartoons are not the only form of entertainment that children have these days. They enjoy music just as much. In fact, many children develop a knack for music at an early stage, and want to learn a music instrument. These kids often turn out to be a prodigy. To make your child’s birthday even more special, have a music theme birthday party and play the music he/she loves to listen and sing. Order a special guitar cake to make it all the more worthwhile.

Theme: Games; Theme cake: Ludo

Alongside cartoons and music, children also like to play board games. Board games are their first love and they play it excitedly with whoever agrees to play it with them. Having a game-themed birthday will bring a broad smile on your child’s face as well as everyone who comes for the party. Bring in a ludo birthday cake, right in line with the birthday theme. You can even play a small game of ludo before cutting the cake!

Theme: Science; Theme Cake: Anti-Gravity

If your child loves to study science, then it would really make his/her birthday special to see the whole house decorated with items like solar system, moon, sun etc. And the best cake for the theme will be an anti-gravity cake. Just look at the surprise on your child’s face when you bring the cake in front of him/her.

Birthdays are special for every child, and each of them wants to celebrate their birthday in a way as unique as possible. Themed celebration is the best way to celebrate a child’s birthday, and he/she will be happy for a long time after the birthday party. Moreover, you can also buy cake online and get it delivered to your home when the child is not home, to make sure the party is one big surprise!

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