4 Signs That ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ Is the Right Payment Option for Online Shoppers

Online shopping has been the trend being followed around the globe from last few years. People love to shop online from various ecommerce portals for the plethora of choices they get to choose from and the competitive prices that various websites offer rather than visiting the brick-and-mortar stores.

With innumerable choices, shoppers add all that they want to the virtual cart, but when it comes to checking out and completing the payment process, they end up asking themselves if they can really afford it or if it will max out their credit card.  Such financially motivated questions deal with what, when, why, and how they should pay. These are the kind of queries that lead to abandonment of shopping cart or partial purchases.  This is where the concept of ‘Buy now, pay later’ comes into play, thus facilitating instant credit online shopping.

Talking about this hassle-free payment mode, Akshat Saxena, co-founder of ePayLater says – “Buy now, pay later schemes like ePayLater lets shoppers seamlessly purchase what they wish to and when they want to without the need to pay upfront. What’s even better is that they can benefit from an interest-free credit term and easy registration/approval process.”

‘Buy now, pay later’ is a payment option that is offered on many online shopping sites. ePayLater is one such scheme using which shoppers can opt to make multiple purchases now and pay the total outstanding amount within the given credit term of 14 days. However, many shoppers still feel daunted about choosing this new payment option. If you are one such shopper, here are few signs that ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ is the right payment option for you.

You Are Experiencing Shortage of Funds

Are you short of funds and hence not able to pay for the online purchases you wanted to make? This is a sure-shot sign that ‘Buy now, pay later’ is your go-to choice for instant credit online shopping and completing the transaction. Irrespective of whether it’s the month end or your paycheck has not yet been settled, you can benefit from this option of buying things now and paying later.

You Are Not Comfortable with Registering Your Debit/Credit Card Details Online

Though it’s true that we at in the age of advanced smart technologies that have made life easier for us, we cannot deny the fact that online scams and data thefts are on the rise. This stops or daunts online shoppers from registering their credit or debit card details when they shop from eportals. Due to this fear, they end up abandoning their virtual shopping carts if they have to register such sensitive details. If you are not comfortable with this kind of registration, then your best option would be to choose ‘Buy now, pay later’ over the other payment options.

You Are Hard Pressed for Time

These days, most of the people lead a very hectic life juggling with several tasks round the clock. They rarely find time for themselves and are hard pressed for time. They are always on the lookout for ways that can help them save time and don’t wish to spend time on unwanted things. If you are hard pressed for time, you obviously would not want to go through the lengthy payment gateway processes that ecommerce portals call for.

In such cases, ‘Buy now, pay later’ is a better option. All that online shoppers need to do is select the ‘Buy now, pay later’ payment option at checkout following which they will get a one-time password (OTP). They just need to enter this OTP for completing their order placement. It’s as easy as that. So, if you don’t want to waste time by choosing the other payment options, paying later is the best way to go.

You Are Fed Up of Paying High Interests on Credit Card Payments

Before the introduction of ‘Buy now, pay later’, the only credit option available to online shoppers was credit card. However, the high interest rates charged by the credit card companies put off several shoppers from using this mode of payment. If you are one such shopper, ‘Buy now, pay later’ is a better option as it is an interest-free mode of payment.

Have you come across any of these indications as an online shopper? If yes, ‘Buy now, pay later’ is the best option to make hassle-free payments on eportals and enjoy instant credit online shopping.

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