Frequent Driver

3 Things you must know if you are A Frequent Driver

In many areas, the weather condition may not be really well. Due to which, the road and weather conditions can badly affect the car tyres. Since tyre is quite an expensive yet significant component of your vehicle, you may end up paying a huge amount if anything goes wrong with you current set of tyres. Therefore, it’s essential to take good care of your car tyres. If you really want to save enough money on especially that was supposed to be spend on the new expensive tyres, it’s important to keep up with these 5 tips. With these useful tips, you can enhance the longevity of your tyres, and they will be strong for longer. So let’s dig in;

Check the Pressure

Even if your swanky vehicle has the hi-tech systems installed in it like the TPMS, still you are supposed to do your job in order to ensure the proper safety. Although the automatic setup like the Tyre pressure monitoring systems work really well and people rely on it as well, but the manual check on the regular basis will ensure safety at its perfection. In the urban areas, there happen to be many temperature changes. Your car tyres have to withstand so many tough conditions for sure.

Did you know that the under inflated tyres can decrease your mileage by 0.3% for every psi. In case the temperature fluctuates, it’s essential to check the pressure on every 10 degrees of change. Therefore, it would be great to perform the regular check just to ensure any possible or potential danger that are likely to happen. You know what they say, prevention is better than cure. So just do you part at least?

Tyre Rotation is Must

If you are amongst those car owners who often forget to rotate their car tyre regularly, you are on the wrong track. In fact, you are on your way to potential danger that might stumble upon while you are driving. If you don’t rotate your car tyres on the regular basis, this will result in to an uneven wear and can even cause you to put more money into the new car tire deals. According to the manufacturers, one should get the tyres rotated after every 5k miles (to make it easy, every 6 months depending upon your drive). If you tyres are rotated regularly, your tread will wear evenly, which will keep you safer on the road.

Right Tyres

Having the right set of tyres plays a significant role in the safer driving experience. Your car’s performance is most likely to decrease if your car is having the wrong set of tyres.

What do we mean by the right tyres?

The right tyre is more associated with the right size of the tyre. It’s also essential to make sure that each tyre size and tread type are the same. Most people also don’t pay attention to the tyre’s weather rating. If you ignore this important rating, you are most likely to go through your car tyres more quickly. So whenever you check the new car tyre deals, you must commit to the care you will need to give them.


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