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3 Tapes That Ensure Quality & Safety Packing of Commercial & Industrial Products

“Are you looking for the right packaging material that will ensure the safety of your products? Here are a few options for you “

Do you run a business and need to package your products daily in order to deliver it to the customers or other dealers and retailers? Then, you must need a good packaging tape that will ensure a strong holding of the products in a safe manner, preventing all sorts of damage. Therefore, while choosing the right packaging tape might seem like an irrelevant decision but it is actually quite a critical part of your packaging strategy because the security of your contents will be determined by the type of tape you use. If you make the wrong choice, it could lead to a severe damage or theft of things, thereby also affecting the reputation of your brand and the relationship you have with your customers or other dealers and retailers. Apart from this, wrong application of the tape can be frustrating because it will cause a wastage of time and money along with production downtime.

There are plenty of companies which offer various kinds of tapes. You must choose the one which seems suitable for the sort of business you have and the products you need to pack. Here, we have a list of tapes that are usually chosen for various kinds of packaging applications. Take a look.

  1. Bopp Tape

The Bopp tape is a biaxial polypropylene tape with a special molecular structure and resin stabilization properties equips these tapes with extraordinary mechanical or optical properties which makes it excellent for product packaging needs, These are known for their excellent clarity, a well-bonded structure, and tensile strength. Easy to laminate, coat, and slit, these are non-abrasive, non-toxic, and resistant to moisture, burn, and various chemical solvents. Additionally, these can be used in extreme temperatures too. These features make it a useful choice a number of industrial or commercial applications.

  1. Synthetic Rubber Tapes

Made with a polypropylene material in order to make the tape strong, durable, and tear-resistant, the Synthetic Rubber or Hot-Melt Tapes are the first choices for sealing cartons owing to their affordable rates, strong bonds, or rapid tack properties for the corrugated applications. These tapes are used by many business owners and have received quite a satisfactory feedback from them. This is a primary choice for many because of its hot melt process which leads to less amount of waste and is also more ecological. These also perform quite effectively in 45-120 degrees of temperature, enabling better usage in all sorts of atmospheres. The consistent and aggressive bonding enables greater productivity in the sealing applications. And owing to its reliable carton sealing, it can decrease the costs of packaging as well as the down-time.

  1. Water-based Acrylic Tapes

The acrylic tapes have become one of the most popular sealing tapes nowadays owing to the recent advancements in both technology and materials, and that is why it has, in a number of cases, have outperformed the hot-melt rubber based adhesive tapes. This is an all-rounder tape for general practices and can be applied on various surfaces including glass, plastics, wood, or cardboard. Its extreme temperature resistance, incredible level of clarity, outstanding visual appeal, consistent holding  power for a long span of time, greater levels of ultra-violet stability, easy storage for long durations, and resistance to sunlight, weathering, ageing and discoloration makes it a favorite choice of many across consumer based products or food packaging industries.

So, what are you thinking? Quickly choose a tape which fits your packaging needs and look for a company that specializes in the particular tape of your choice. Generally, these can be found at companies which provide the custom sticker, self adhesive label, tapes, or other holographic films.

Author Bio: Karan Kumar, a regular blogger on various print-based products and branding solutions like a self-adhesive label, custom sticker, or tapes, here writes on 3 kinds of packaging tapes such as a bopp tape, water-based acrylic tape, etc.

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