3 Jackets to Jazz Up Your Girl’s Winter Closet

While dressing up your little princess in thick and warm outfit to battle the chill of winter you often compromise on her style. You might think that style is not something to associate with your little one when she is young but you will be surprised to see the boost in her confidence and happiness when she gets to dress nice just like you. So, this winter give you lovely baby the comfort of warm winter jackets for girls, which fairs equally in the style department. So, here are out top 3 picks.

  1. Flower Power

One of the trendiest and most classic prints to ever have existed is the floral print. Get you little girl a cosy winter jacket with a soft polar fleece lining to keep her super warm and cosy even in the bone chilling cold of below zero degrees. However, the best part of the jacket comes from its really cute and feminine floral print in pastel colourswhich pops out of the dark blue base colour of the jacket. The jacket is also conveniently equipped with a hood to keep her little hear warm and ears protected from the harshness of the wind.

  1. Pretty in Pink

If your girl is obsessed with the beautiful pink colour like most girls her age, then we have just the right jacket for her. We are talking about a warm quilted jacket in a bold pink colour. The bright pop of colour is absolutely perfect to lift the gloom of cold, cloudy wintry days. The jacket is embellished with a golden buttons and chain in the front which makes it easy to wear and take off for your child. The jacket also comes with two pockets to keep their hands warm too. Layer it over a simple t shirt and leggings and they are good to go for a day out at the movies or amusement park.

  1. Leather love

Everyone looks good in a classic leather jacket and that includes you little one too. Get her a polyurethane (PU) leather jacket to rock this winter. PU or faux leather is quite cheaper than real leather and is more water resistant which makes it perfect for children who often drop drinks and food on their clothes. These jackets are also snow and wind resistant so you your little one can happily make snow angels and snowmen wearing this stylish jacket. You can get this jacket in a bold, bright colour like red (screams Christmas perfection) or in neutrals like black and tan which go with everything. Pair the jacket with denims and boots to make your little one look absolutely winter party ready while keeping her comfortable and cosy.

Now if you are wondering where to get these beauties at an affordable price then we suggest you check winter jackets online India for the best deals. However, make sure you get these from a reliable online platform which curates products carefully for their customers to avoid getting duped.

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